A menu and knife and fork cutlery laid on a restaurant table



F1 | Thai Prawn Crackers

F2 | Vegetable Spring Rolls (V)
Fried rolls with vegetable filling, served with sweet chilli dip

F3 | Satay Chicken
Marinated chicken on skewers served with peanut sauce, cucumber and onion garnish

F4 | Tempura King Prawns
Deep fried king prawns in tempura batter

F5 | Sesame Prawn Toast
Lightly seasoned sesame prawn mince on bread and deep fried

F6 | Thai Fish Cakes £3.95
Seasoned with Thai curry paste and lime leaf, served with sweet chilli sauce

F7 | Salt and Pepper Squid
F8 | Salt and Pepper Chicken
F9 | Salt and Pepper Prawn
Deep fried and battered served with beansprouts,spring onion, garlic and chilli
F10 | King Prawn Katsu
Deep fried breaded king prawns served with sweet chilli sauce

F11 | Thai BBQ Chicken Wings
Marinated and barbecued chicken wings, Thai style!

F12 | Crispy Beef
Thin cut beef marinated in herbs, fried and served with sweet chili sauce

F13 | Crispy Aromatic Duck (¼)
F14 | Crispy Aromatic Duck (½)
Served with pancakes, spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce

F15 | Salt and Pepper wings
Deep fried and served with beansprout, spring onion, chilli and garlic

F16 | Soft Shelled Crab
Lightly seasoned, deep fried and tossed in peppers and chilli garlic

F17 | Har Gau (Dim Sum)
Crystal-skinned shrimp dumplings, with bright pink chunks of plump shrimp veiled in thin, stretchy, translucent dough

F18 | Vegetable Gyoza (Dim Sum)
Dumplings stuffed with vegetables


F19 | Tom Yum Veg
F20 | Tom Yum Chicken
F21 | Tom Yum Prawn
Traditional fiery Tom Yum soup with mushrooms, fresh lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves

F22 | Tom Kha Chicken
F23 | Tom Kha Prawn
A silky coconut and galangal soup with mushrooms and bamboo shoot

F24 | Seafood Lemon Grass Soup
An exquisite flavorsome soup with lime, lemongrass, galangal and lime leaves

Orient Noodle Soup

F25 | Chicken Won Ton Noodle Soup
Chicken won ton parcels and egg noodles in a clear soup with vegetables

F26 | Sea Food Kawy Teow Noodle Soup
Prawn calamari and flat rice noodle in clear soup with vegetables

F27 | Chicken Laksa Noodle Soup
Vermicelli noodle in a thick laksa gravy made of coconut milk with mixed herbs & spices

Orient Curries

F28 | Thai Green Curry Chicken
F29 | Thai Green Curry Prawn
Aromatic toasted green paste created from a selection of Thai herbs and spices, infused in a coconut milk broth with Thai sweet basil, lemon grass, aubergine and bamboo shoots (peoples favourite)

F30 | Thai Red Curry Chicken
F31 | Thai Red Curry Prawn
Red curry paste made of fiery Thai chilli and selected ground herbs and galangal cooked with aubergine, pineapple and kaffir lime leaves infused with coconut milk, sweet basil and lemon grass (hot)

F32 | Lamb Masaman Curry
Slow cooked lamb, cooked in Southern Thai Masaman Curry with roasted new potatoes, served with cashew nut and fried shallots

F33 | Beef Penang Curry
Tender beef cooked in rich spicy Penang curry sauce finished with aromatic kaffir lime leaves

Orient Noodles

F34 | Pad Thai Chicken
F35 | Pad Thai Prawn
Famous wok fried Thai rice sticks with egg, spring onions, beansprouts and pickled radish, garnished with chilli flakes, crushed peanuts and a lime wedge (fresh and tangy flavours)

F36 | Ho Fun Chicken
F37 | Ho Fun Prawn
Wok fried thick rice noodles with onion, beansprouts and selected vegetables, infused with a rich sauce and flavoured with a touch of sesame oil

F38 | Singapore Vermicelli Noodles Veg
F39 | Singapore Vermicelli Noodles Chicken
F40 | Singapore Vermicelli Noodles Prawn
Wok fried vermicelli noodles cooked with toasted curry spices with beansprouts, egg and peppers (spicy and bit of heat)

F41 | Char Kway Teow Veg
F42 | Char Kway Teow Chicken
F43 | Char Kway Teow Beef
F44 | Char Kway Teow Prawn
Penang inspired wok fried rice noodles cooked in high flame in soya, beansprouts and chives

F45 | Mee Goreng Veg
F46 | Mee Goreng Chicken
F47 | Mee Goreng Beef
F48 | Mee Goreng Prawn
Malay egg noodles wok fried with a spicy sambal sauce for a rich sweet, hot and tangy flavour, garnished with crushed peanut and lime

F49 | Mee Goreng Special
Malay egg noodles wok fried with a mixture of Chicken, Beef & Prawn in a spicy sambal sauce for a rich sweet, hot and tangy flavour, garnished with crushed peanut and lime

F50 | Chow Mien Veg
F51 | Chow Mien    Chicken
F52 | Chow Mien    Beef
F53 | Chow Mien    Prawn
Egg noodle stir-fry with peppers in soy and sesame sauce served with beansprouts and spring onions

F54 | Chow Mein Special
Egg noodle stir-fry in a mixture of Chicken, Beef & Prawn in soy & sesame sauce served with beansprouts & spring onions

Flaming Wok

F55 | Chicken Cashew Nut
Wok fried chicken with mixed peppers, onions, mushroom and toasted cashew nuts

F56 | Beef Ginger and Spring Onion
Sliced beef flame woked with ginger, mushroom and selected vegetables

F57 | Chicken in Lemon Grass and Coconut Juice
Sweet and aromatic wok fried chicken in coconut juice and vegetable

F58 | King Prawn Sambal
Juicy prawns cooked in a flaming dish, infused with chilli and spring onions

F59 | Beef in Chilli Paste
Beef slices cooked in a fiery Thai chilli paste, fine beans, lime leaves and dried shrimps creating an amazing fragrance

F60 | King Prawn and Water Spinach Stir-fry
King prawn wok fried with chilli garlic, hint of shrimp paste and infused with water spinach

F61 | Special Flame Wok Vegetable Stir-fry
Broccoli, mushroom, peppers and selected vegetables sizzled in a flaming wok

Flame Special

F62 | Laksa Hotpot
South-East Asian coconut broth infused with herbs and spice, cooked with prawns, salmon, squid and vegetables finished with kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass and sweet basil

F63 | Sea Bass Malay Sambal
Whole sea bass marinated in tamarind sauce and herbs, pan fried and cooked with fiery chilli finished with lemon grass and lime leaves

F64 | King Prawn Pad Kiew Wan
King prawn in an exquisite green herb curry paste and infused with sweet basil cream sauce, finished with pickled jalapenos

F65 | Flame special Black Bean Chicken
F66 | Flame special Black Bean Beef
F67 | Flame special Black Bean Prawn
Cooked in special black bean sauce infused in a spicy chilli and ginger gravy, finished with spring onion and chilli (flaming hot)

F68 | Nua Tom Kati
Slow braised beef in an aromatic coconut milk reduction sauce, finished with a blend of fresh lime, lemon grass and chilli (fairly dry)

F69 | Sweet & Sour chicken
In sweet & tangy Sauce cooked with pineapple

Flame Grills

All grill dishes served with salad and sauce

F70 | Plaag Gong Prawns
Flame grilled tiger prawns with chilli, mint, lemon grass and lime dressing

F71 | Grilled Pomfet
Grilled Pomfet fish marinated in traditional Thai style with garlic, coriander and fresh ginger, served with chilli sauce

F72 | Grilled Sea Bass
Grilled sea bass in lime and chilli dressing, served with onions, peppers and spring onion

F73 | Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon fillet, pan fried and infused in teriyaki sauce, topped with chillies and ginger

F74 | Flame Chicken (Gai Yang)
Grilled chicken marinated in coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal, turmeric and lime leaves, served with a spicy sauce

Rice Specials

F75 | Nasi Goreng Vegetable £5.50
F76 | Nasi Goreng Chicken £5.95
F77 | Nasi Goreng Beef

Famous Malaysian wok fried rice with egg, diced vegetables, cucumber and tomatoes finished with a fried egg

F79 | Nasi Goreng Special
Famous Malaysian wok fried rice in a mixture of Chicken, Beef & Prawn with egg, diced vegetables, cucumber and tomatoes finished with a fried egg

F80 | Singapore Fried Rice Vegetable
F81 | Singapore Fried Rice Chicken
F82 | Singapore Fried Rice Beef
F83 | Singapore Fried Rice Vegetable
Wok fried rice with egg, peas and spring onions cooked in high flame infused with toasted curry spices

F84 | Chilli Flame Fried Rice (Thai style) Vegetable
F85 | Chilli Flame Fried Rice (Thai style) Chicken
F86 | Chilli Flame Fried Rice (Thai style) Beef
F87 | Chilli Flame Fried Rice (Thai style) Prawn
For the brave, hot wok fried rice with veg and spring onion infused with a devil chilli (beware!)

Rice Favourites

F88 | Jasmine rice
F89 | Egg fried rice
F90 | Mushroom fried rice
F91 | Chicken fried rice
F92 | Prawn fried rice
F93 | Duck fried rice


F94 | Prawn & Mango Salad
Prawn & mango slices tossed with a Thai spicy sour dressing

F95 | Gado Gado Salad (V)
Tofu, bean sprouts, potato, spinach, carrot, fine beans, hardboiled egg & Tempe, topped with satay peanut sauce


F96 | Chilli oil
F97 | Sweet chilli sauce
F98 | Satay sauce
F99 | Sweet and sour sauce
F100 | Chips


F101 | Coke/Diet Coke (0.33L)
F102 | Fanta Orange (0.33L)
F103 | 7Up (0.33L)
F104 | Red Bull (250ml)
F105 | Ginger Beer (0.33L)
F106 | J20 (Apple & Mango)
F107 | J20 (Apple & Raspberry)
F108 | J20 (Orange & Passion)


Express lunch is served every Tuesday 12:00–15:00

Please Note: Two course lunch will be served on one plate! Choose from One Starter and One Main Course.

  • Vegetable Spring Roll
  • Satay Chicken
  • Thai BBQ Wings
  • Thai Fish Cake
  • Salt & Pepper Wings
  • Chicken Thai Green/Red Curry served with Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice
  • Beef/Chicken Ginger & Spring Onion served with Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice
  • Chicken in Black Bean Sauce served with Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice
  • Pad Thai (Veg or Chicken)
  • Chow Mein (Veg or Chicken)
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken served with Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice
  • Singapore Fried Rice (Veg or Chicken)
  • Stir Fry (Veg or Chicken) served with Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice

(Prawn option available for £1.00 extra)